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A4 Lever Arch Binders by Leitz

A4 Lever Arch Binders by Leitz
We carry the widest selection of Leitz File Binders in the styles and sizes you need: A4 Binder, A5 Binder, A3 Binder and other international sizes. Organize in A4 size with 2 ring Black Marbled File Binders, Deluxe File Binders and Suspension Binders. Choose 4 ring A4 View Binders for easy personalization. 8 cm European hole spacing.

Deluxe 2  Ring Lever Arch A4 File BindersBlack Marbled BindersActive Style Binders
Leitz 2" or 3" spine, Up to 8 colors, 8 cm or 7 cm (U.S.) hole spacing.
A4, A3, A5 and other European specialty sizes
Introducing the new Style Line of Lever Arch binders from Leitz