Leitz Plastic Filing Strips

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Suspension Binder Strips

These handy double-pronged, polypropylene strips create colored sections within your binder. A metal prong secures pre-punched (European 8 cm hole spacing) pages together for easy grouping. Simply fold the prongs to hold your documents in place and add to your binder. Ideal for color-coding sections or versions of your documents.


  • Colored strips include two sets of holes to fit European 8 cm and U.S. 7 cm 2 ring binders
  • The pages that fit within the prongs must be punched with European 8 cm hole spacing


  • Measures (W x H): 35 x 158 mm (1.3 x 6.2 inches)
  • Pack Quantity: 250 filing strips per pack
  • Color: Pack includes assorted colors of filing strips