Organizing with Empire Imports
In today’s global workplace, business deals are closed with the click of a mouse and information is transmitted across the globe in an instant. No longer limited by time zone or language, the biggest challenge with international communication is often managing the actual paperwork from around the world. Whether you prepare presentations for clients in Istanbul or receive documents from your home office in Geneva, Empire Imports can help you find the European-sized office supplies you need.

What is a File Binder?
Outside of the U.S., the majority of professionals in Europe and other parts of the world rely on binders to organize files. The binder file management system ensures quick document retrieval, easy indexing, and reliability. Anyone who has lost a document in a filing cabinet can appreciate the benefits of binders. In fact, many American companies have switched to the more efficient File Binder System. Empire Imports and its sister company Bindertek have everything you need to file with binders, including the best built European-sized and U.S. letter-sized binders, index tabs, hole punches, and more.

Where Can I Find Binders in the European Sizes I Need?
Empire Imports carries the widest selection of premium European-sized File Binders this side of the Atlantic, in stock and ready to ship from our U.S. warehouse. Choose from 2-Ring and 4-Ring File Binders in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes such as A3, A4, A5 and Foolscap from leading European manufacturers including Leitz. Click here to see our collection of File Binders. For U.S. sizes, visit our sister store Bindertek at www.bindertek.com.

What Is the Difference Between A4 and U.S. Sizes?
The most common paper size across the globe is DIN A4, which conforms to the international paper standard (ISO 216), adopted by all countries in the world except for the U.S. and Canada. A4 paper is narrower and longer (210 x 297 mm/8.27” x 11.69”) than U.S. letter-sized 8-1/2" x 11” paper. U.S. letter-sized paper will fit in A4 Binders, but A4 paper is too long to fit neatly in U.S. letter-sized Binders. If you are using A4 paper, you need A4 Binders.

What Kind of Rings Does an A4 Binder Have?
Empire Imports 2-Ring A4 File Binders and 4-Ring A4 View Binders have standard European 8 cm hole spacing, which means the holes are spaced 8 cm apart. Empire Imports also has a wide selection of premium hole punches for 2-Ring 8 cm spacing, 2-Ring 7 cm spacing, and 4-Ring.

What is a Lever Arch?
Empire Imports A4 Black Marbled File Binders and Deluxe File Binders feature Lever Arch ring mechanisms. With just a touch of a finger, the lever opens and closes the rings (arches) effortlessly and quietly, without pinching. The unique ball and socket rings align and close perfectly, so pages turn smoothly without snagging.

I have a big meeting overseas and I need an impressive A4-sized presentation. Can you help?
Our 4-Hole A4 View Binders with clear view pockets are perfect for presentations. We also have plenty of A4 paper, presentation folders, and sheet protectors. Our super-versatile Adjustable 4-Hole Punch works with A4 View Binders and transitions into a 2-Hole Punch with 7 cm or 8 cm spacing or a 3-Ring Punch for all your punching needs.

Not sure what you need?
We've been helping customers find the best international-sized products for more than 70 years. Contact us at 800-544-4744 or info@empireimports.com for help with your project.