Leitz Plastic A4 Index Tabs - 12 Tab Set

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Customize Your Files with Pre-Printed Tab Labels

Twelve full size A4 plastic pages feature tabs with changeable label inserts. Slide the pre-printed tab labels into the tabs to classify your files by number, letter, month or color. Multi-hole punched for use with A4 binders.


  • Includes four sets of pre-printed punch-out labels: Numeric 1-12, alphabetized A-Z, Color-Coded and Monthly January through December
  • Durable cardboard cover page for subject headings
  • Multi-hole punched to fit in 2-ring, 3-ring and 4-ring A4 size binders


  • Number of Tabs per Set: 12
  • Size: A4
  • Leitz Item Number: 12740000